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Shake-Away Powder for Rodents

Shake-Away Powder for Rodents

Made from a combination blend of dried Bobcat and Fox urine into a powder formula. Patented 100% organic method to keep mice, rats, moles, voles, and shrews at bay. To protect against burrowing animals, sprinkle Shake-Away powder directly into every hole you find in your yard. gardens, etc. To protect against moles, sprinkle Shake Away in every hole you find in your yard and take a small stick or similar object and poke holes 2" deep every four feet along all tunnels. Sprinkle each hole with Shake Away, then cover with dirt. Shake Away is 100% natural and is safe for use around humans, animals, pets, plants, bushes, trees, and the environment.

How it works
Fox urine odors have been used by hunters, photographers, and the like for many years to help direct rodents to or from food sources. Fox urine powder creates a misleading image that foxes are present in your lawn or garden. This false sense of predators close at hand is a danger signal to rodents and will keep many of them away from your garden.

General usage
Lawns, gardens, orchards.

Shake-Away Powder for Rodents

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