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Nature's Turf 8-1-9

Nature's Turf 8-1-9

Natire's Turf is a designer fertilizer made specifically for turf. Nature's turf 8-1-9 provides nutrients to turf plants in the most efficient manner possible: it enrichens the biological activity in the soil. Nature's Turf 8-1-9 fertilizes lawns using blood meal, feather meal, (natural) nitrate of soda, bone meal, and natural sulfate of potash. Apply using a drop or broadcast spreader.

Application rates
50lbs per 6000sqft

Nature's Turf 8-1-9

Unit Coverage Price Qty
50lb Bag 6000sqft $44.99

Full Pallet (fifty - 50lb Bags) 30,000sqft $1,706.00