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Milky Spore Disease Powder

Milky Spore Disease Powder

An environmentally safe way to control grubs, especially in lawns. Milky Spore is a disease that specifically targets japanese beetle grubs and, once in the soil, continues to control them for 20 years. Milky Spore will not spread in the soil unless grubs are present. The more grubs there are, the faster the disease spreads among them.

General usage
Use on lawns, flower and vegetable gardens, and around shrubs and trees.

Directions for use
Milky Spore Powder:
Apply at the rate of 10 lbs per acre (or 4 oz per 1,000 sq.ft.) in teaspoon sized spots every 4 feet, in rows four feet apart (in a checkerboard pattern) on all grassy areas, mulch beds, and gardens.
Use a tube dispenser to treat large areas.

Milky Spore Granular (for spreading):
Use a standard drop spreader to apply the granular product. Apply at the rate of 20lbs per 7,000 sq.ft. Apply twice a year (Spring and Fall) for 3 years to achieve the same effects as the powder product.

The Dispensor Tube does not contain any Milky Spore. You will need to purchase Milky Spore separately.

Application rates
Used to evenly apply Milky Spore

Milky Spore Disease Powder

Unit Coverage Price Qty
Dispenser Tube (contains no Milky Spore) N/A $7.95

10 oz can 2,500 sq.ft $26.95

(for spreading)
20 lb bag
7,000 sq.ft $39.95

(for spreading)
Two - 20 lb bags
14,000 sq.ft $73.98

40 oz bag 10,000 sq.ft $74.95

(for spreading)
Three - 20 lb bags
21,000 sq.ft $98.97

Two - 40oz 20,000sqft $145.00

Four - 40oz 40,000sqft $276.00

Eight - 40oz 80,000sqft $536.00

50 lb drum 5 acres $1,399.95