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Pro-Booster 10-0-0

A combination of vegetable and animal protein meals and natural nitrate of soda. Contains 10% total nitrogen. The organic nitrogen in protein meals is almost 94% water insoluble, ensuring slow release.

How it works
Supplies a slow release of nitrogen, a major component of plant life. Plants require more nitrogen than any other soil-born nutrient. Protoplasm, the living substance of plant cells, is comprised of 40-50% nitrogen.

General usage
Use as a spring or summer topdress for soils that predominantly need nitrogen. Use also for periods when plants require large amounts of nitrogen (for example, lawns comprising mostly Kentucky Blue Grass).

Directions for use
For lawns, apply 10 lbs per 1,000 sq.ft. On sandy or well-drained soils, split over 2 applications - each at 5 lbs per 1,000 sq.ft., 30 days apart. Caution: determine nitrogen requirements carefully and avoid adding too much nitrogen to your soil.

Application rates
5,000 sq.ft.

Pro-Booster 10-0-0

Unit Coverage Price Qty
50 lb bag 2,500 sq.ft $42.99

ton bulk $549.00