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Dense Shade Mix

Dense Shade Mix

It used to be hard to grow grass in the shade. However, new varieties of shade tolerant grass and suitable mowing practice now make it possible to create dense, healthy turf even in relatively dense shade. DENSE SHADE mix is well adapted to areas of 60% or more daily shade in mature landscapes. This mix has low maintenance requirements for water, fertilizer, and lime. It requires 2-3 hours of filtered sunshine per day.
Dense Shade Mix contains:
40% Victory Chewings Fescue
35% Mustang II Tall Fescue
15% Spartan Hard Fescue
10% Pennlawn Red Fescue.

General usage
Area of use: North of the Mason-Dixon line. Note: After your shade lawn is established, plan to cut it a full 1" higher than normal (at least 3").

Directions for use
Best time to seed: April 1 - June 10 or August 1 - October 1.

Application rates
Apply at the rate of 4-5lbs per 1,000 square feet.

Dense Shade Mix

Unit Coverage Price Qty
25 lb bag 5,000 sq.ft. $89.00

50 lb bag 10,000 sq.ft. $174.00