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DEET-Free Botanical Outdoor Gel

DEET-Free Botanical Outdoor Gel

A great product to keep insects off you when you're outdoors. This product is based on neem oil and contains no DEET. Neem has been used to repel insects for thousands of years. Our gel is made with a neem leaf extract and aloe vera base (to soothe bites you already have!), neem oil, citronella and geraniol.

How it works
Please read what our supplier says about the use of DEET (and its potential hazards) and the alternative use of a neem-based product.
Important information about this product

General usage
Use to repel insects whenever you go outdoors.

Directions for use
Apply liberally every 4 hours or as needed to exposed areas of your skin before going outdoors.

DEET-Free Botanical Outdoor Gel

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4oz bottle $12.95

6 x 4oz bottle $65.70