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Complete Annual Organic Lawn Program

Complete Annual Organic Lawn Program

This complete organic program is designed for lawns with cool-season grasses (fescues, ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass). The program provides organic weed control, a complete blend of essential nutrients, and stress-resistance builders.
Each order unit consists of the following products:
1 x 50 lb bag Weedban (organic weed control, delivered early spring)
1 x 50 lb bag Pro-Gro 5-3-4 (complete fertilizer, delivered mid-spring)
2 x 10gr packets of Stress-X (stress resistance builder, delivered late spring)
1 x 50 lb bag Pro-Start 2-3-3 (complete winterizing fertilizer, delivered early fall).
Calculate your lawn area and then order one unit for every 2,500 sq.ft. During the course of the season, we ship each product at the appropriate time of year for your zip code. We charge your credit card only at time of shipping.

How it works
Weedban inhibits the germination of weed seeds (follow directions for your geographic area).
Pro-Gro 5-3-4 provides all the slow-release nutrients your soil needs to remain healthy.
Stress-X builds the disease and drought resistance of your grass plants.
Pro-Start 2-3-3 prepares your lawn for winter and the following spring but providing hardiness and root development.

General usage
Apply to lawns with cool-season grasses. Adjust application times for your part of the country and your type of grass. For more information, see our organic lawn care guide.

Directions for use
Use a drop spreader or broadcast spreader to apply Weedban, Pro-Gro, and Pro-Start. After mixing the Stress-X with water, apply with a pressurized sprayer or a simple dial & spray hose-end attachment. Inexpensive spreaders and sprayers should be available at your local hardware store or garden center - or check out our "Tools" section on this site.
Apply these products in conjunction with organic mowing practices: cut high (at least 3"), mulch cut (let the clippings fall on the lawn), sharpen mower blades.

As always, we recommend a soil test to determine the level of acidity (pH) and main nutrient groups. If test results indicate it, plan to add lime in appropriate quantities in the Fall.
Weedban also inhibits the development of grass seed. If you plan to reseed areas of your lawn in the spring, wait a good six weeks after applying Weedban before seeding.

Application rates
Apply the Weedban, Pro-Gro and Pro-Start at the rate of 20 lbs per 1,000 sq.ft. Apply the Stress-X at the rate one 10 gram packet per 1,500 sq.ft (after mixing with water as per instructions).

Related information
For a good overview of the whys and hows of organic lawn care, read David Daehnke's Organic Lawn Care Manual.

Complete Annual Organic Lawn Program

Unit Coverage Price Qty
per 2,500 sq.ft 2,500 sq.ft $109.89