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Buckwheat Hull Mulch

Buckwheat Hull Mulch

Buckwheat hull mulch has a reputation as the best of garden mulches. It is recommended as a handsome looking bed mulch anywhere in the garden, but especially around peonies and perennials which require well ventilated soil. A lovely mulch that will provide an effective weed barrier and help your soil retain moisture. Also makes a great stuffing material for pillows.

How it works
Buckwheat hulls help retain soil moisture, provide an effect weed barrier and look attractive in the landscape. They allow the soil to breath. They break down slowly over time and add to the organic matter of the soil.

General usage
Use anywhere in the garden when mulch is required.

Directions for use
Spread around plants with a light covering (1/2" may be enough).

As with any mulch, avoid applying too thickly. You want the soil to be able to breath and even a thin, even application of mulch can retain moisture and provide a weed barrier.

Buckwheat Hull Mulch

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