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Bio-Magic 0-0-12

Bio-Magic  0-0-12

A dry, water-soluble plant growth biostimulant made from beneficial bacteria, humic extracts, cold water sea kelp extract, essential amino acids, vitamins, root growth factors, and sugars. Ingredients include:
Humate and humic acids (40%)
Kelp seaweed (35%)
Natural sugars, vitamins B-complex and K, amino-acids, and bacteria (20%)
Nitrogen fixing bacteria (~60 billion/#)
Hormone producing bacteria (~60 billion/#)
Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria (~60 billion/#)
Soluble potash K2O (12%)

How it works
Bio-Magic improves nutrient utilization, promotes root re-growth after disease and insect damage, reduces stress from heat, drought, and transplanting, and stimulates beneficial microbial activity in the soil and on roots. For more information, see this article.

General usage
Apply to soil in gardens and lawns. Use to stimulate root growth in established and new plantings. Especially good for newly laid sod. Helps reduce transplant shock in seedlings and young plants. Bio-Magic will not burn plants.

Directions for use
Apply as evenly as possible on garden or lawn. One teaspoon makes one gallon of mixture and covers 200-250 sq.ft. Bio-Magic should be applied to soil rather than foliage.

Once Bio-Magic is rehydrated, it cannot be stored for more than a few hours.

Application rates
10 grams covers 700 sq.ft. One pound covers 32,000 sq.ft.

Bio-Magic 0-0-12

Unit Coverage Price Qty
10 gram (0.3 oz) each 700 sq.ft per 10 gram pack $4.50

case (10 x 10 gram) 700 sq.ft per 10 gram pack $39.95

1 lb jar 3/4 acre (32,000 sq.ft) $49.95

5 lb bag 4 acres per 5 lb bag $189.95